Monday, March 7, 2011

Saturday's Honey Do Project

Remember how I told ya to stay tuned... well it looks like I'm gonna have to keep ya hanging once more b/c while David put together my "Olivia" sewing table this weekend I took photos but the camera battery expired before we were finished! :/

Here are some to share with you while it charges..... Here's proof that I really won the cabinet - the boxes were addressed to "Olivia Facebook Winner" ;)

David reads over the "Olivia" Tech. Pubs. (that is what the engineers called the "Technical Publications aka "direction book" when I worked at EZ-Go Textron years ago) and Olivia ate popcorn and shared some with him...

For most of the time Olivia was the only one in the sewing groom with David... near the end Nora and Paul Thomas came upstairs and quickly found us at work and of course chimed in, "I wanna help! I wanna help!"

It didn't take but seconds for Paul Thomas to gather up his iron and football fabric and pick up his "home work" he calls it and begin testing out the new table while David put together the drawers.

Paul Thomas worked that screw driver as if he'd been using tools all of his life :) and of course Olivia gave the ironing a try too..... the photo of her ironing was the LAST photo taken before the battery expired :( *sigh*

But at least I got a few cute ones to share with you from Saturday when we worked on putting it together.

Yesterday after church we ate out then did some shopping at Target and I picked up a few of these stacking baskets. I'm hoping that they will fit in the open areas of the cabinet. There were only 2 available in the green so I bought them and hope to get 2 more next time I return.

So once again, ....stay tuned! :)

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