Monday, March 23, 2009

Girly Stuff

Do you remember my "Nothing Mom" post from the 11th? Well Nora needed socks - the thin ones that you wear with dress shoes.. and she spotted Bras for girls her size! :) Only she wanted the ones with the cups and it took me a whole 15 minutes to convince her they were too big for her and even tried two on over top of her clothes before she would agree that they didn't fit. haha but she did end up happy with the smallest one in the store (size 28)

However she still wishes she could have the "pretty ones" with cups like mom's... so I asked how about we find one for me that is pink and looks like yours. I knew I needed a new sports bra to sleep in... so off we went to the women's department.

...and ta-da! we found one :) Just look at her huge smile. She is so proud of her new bra!

I have no memory what so ever of my first bra, but I can tell you I do remember that I was many years older than Nora (middle school) and did not want one..

And Nora being the girl she is - of course after putting it on she did NOT want to cover it up...

She wanted Daddy to be sure and see it when he got home from work!! haha She does understand that they are not for anyone else to see besides her, and us.. She is already talking about wearing it everyday to school!

I guess I'll have to ask family to be on the lookout for anymore of the 28 or smaller if they have it as I bought the only one at our Walmart. I did have to safety pin the straps in the back until I can get her to take it off long enough to tack them with the sewing machine.

I'm just so happy that she's happy :c)


everythingquilts said...

I see Nora is taking to the picture thing more and more. What a beautiful smile she has. I couldn't believe it when I seen the bra and panty sets in size6-6x I too had to get my grand daughter some, she wanted the Hannah Montana ones. But after wearing them for about an hour she decided she didn't really like wearing them, I hope that changes by the time she really needs to wear them, LOL!!

Mikol said...

What fun and cute memories that are being made. Are kids just growing up faster these days or what? So cute.