Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nothing Mom...

I really regret not having a photo to share with you here... but I think you can use your imagination and find it to be cute. :)

Last month when Dad and Clara came for my surgery, Clara brought me a new bra. I haven't been able to go without the spandex type that the doctor gave me for support since my last followup.. but this past Sunday I was wearing a top to church and didn't want the Dr's bra to show so I put on the one from Clara.

Nora saw me with it on and immediately started inspecting it and noticed it had as she put it "Fancy Diamonds on it Momma!" actually a small pear heart in the center the size of a button... anyway she thought they were diamonds :) and compared to the UGLY nursing bras I've been wearing for the past 4 years this new bra did look quite Spectacular! ;) both to Nora and to me. ;)

So that was Sunday..

Last night (Monday) as we were getting ready for bath time and the kids were all running around naked as they do while I run bath water in the tub I noticed a white something go flying by the door... what was that?

I called for them to come get in the water and apparently Nora had put on my new bra from Clara. LOL Although it is quite smaller than my old bras it still looked quite HUGE on Nora's 4 year old body. But she didn't care she was sporting around with it on so proudly... LOL and didn't even notice when David and I laughed at her.

I told her to go take it off and come get in the tub.

Now fast forward to today.

This morning I was folding a load of clothes while Nora finished her pancakes and the twins were gated off in the den watching a morning cartoon show. I told Nora that I needed her to go upstairs and put on shorts and a shirt and then to come downstairs and to put on her shoes b/c I needed to go to the consignment store to drop some stuff off.

I also stressed to her that I would not leave without her... but that while she was getting dressed and shoes on I was gonna be loading the twins one at a time in the van. Nora will freak out and totally melt down if she thinks for a second you are gonna leave without her. I don't know where this fear comes from b/c we have never forgotten and left her behind..?

Anyway, I loaded Paul Thomas first and then came back for Olivia. As I was strapping Olivia in, Nora comes out the kitchen door and climbs up beside me at Olivia's door in a rush to get past me... at first I thought it was about her whole fear of being left behind or not getting to be "first" to be buckled... but then notice something white hanging out of her sleeve...

I asked what is that? and Nora replies - "Nothing mom."


By this time she has passed me and Olivia's chair and Nora's back is to me so I tell her to turn around and sure enough something lumpy is under her shirt. I lift up her shirt and there is my new bra that Clara brought to me last month! LOL

That little stinker thinks it's hers! and she told me so! Nora said that last night when she had to take it off for bath she hid it in her closet so that it would be hers and she could be the one to wear it.

Just imagine our conversation..... I knew better to tell her that 4 year olds "can't" - b/c I know my Nora and she wouldn't accept that.... so I did finally get her to agree to take it off and leave it at home.. but she made me "promise, very promise" that if we saw one "for SALES" in her size I would buy it for her.

That I could promise her... unfortunately for her, I already knew that we wouldn't be going anywhere that sold little girls undergarments today. *sigh*

LOL so for any family reading this and wants an idea on what to buy Nora for her upcoming birthday - she would love to have something that looked like a bra. These above I found on the JC Penny website. I'm just worried that I won't be able to find any small enough for this soon to be 5 year old...

why oh why does Nora have it in her head that she wants to wear one of these darned things??? *sigh*

Just another "Minor Happening"... ;)

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LOL, what a great story! :-))