Saturday, March 21, 2009

The twins learn how to drive

The weather here has been very nice and warm. Upper 70's. On Friday I played out in the drive way with them and they loved it. Paul Thomas figured out the barbie jeep.. and after telling David all about it over supper he couldn't wait for Saturday afternoon to get here so he could play out there with them too. ;)

This video was taken from today (Sat) and although they still have a lot of learning to do - they've figured out how to make it GO - which is all they care about. For now we'll stick with driving in circles. LOL

and here's another that I thought was so cute. Nothing special just them doing what they do best = Dragging out stuff!

Both of them trip and fall down but they were OK. ;) Paul Thomas has a thing with the Jeep doors can you tell?

I have a few more to share but will have to save those for tomorrow.... time to start supper. Nora wants to help me make spaghetti.
We hope all of you are enjoying the warmer weather where you live. :) Happy Weekend!

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