Thursday, March 5, 2009

They're Here-er!

The babies love it when the lawn guys (father/son) show up to cut the grass! They go window to window watching them. :c)

...and in case you noticed... yes the grids on the patio doors are broken.. not by any of our children though :/ but that is another story.

and what was the highlight of Nora's day today? The Target Toy Sales Flyer/booklet arrived in the mailbox today. It just so happens that today she brought home from school an invitation to Emma's Birthday party in 2 weeks.... So Nora enjoyed thumbing thru all of the pages circling the things she wants to buy for Emma's Birthday gift.

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Christy Lynn said...

lol, i am glad she got excited about emmas birthday party. As a matter of fact, I got one that is excited too! ALL i have been hearing about is needing to hide the eggs in the dirt before the kids get here! What 5 year old that you know gets a pile of dirt for their birthday and is EXSTATIC? Dont forget to bring an extra pair of clothes because there gunna get DIRTY! see yall next weekend.