Sunday, March 8, 2009

The kids enjoyed the Lion's Den Park today

Today was so nice - weather in the low 80's. David had worked all day on a project for me here at the house so late this afternoon we ventured out of the house and made it to the park. The Lion's Club built a huge Fort/Castle park here where we live.

Nora has always loved it but today was the twins' first time to really run around there. Last year we went for several play dates but they mostly spent time in the stroller watching b/c they weren't walking yet.

When she wasn't flying like Superman relaxing on the swing with Daddy

Nora loved the tire swing!

I took over 100 photos and just selected a few of the better ones to share here... as you can tell they were fast on their feet and most of the photos are of the BACK of their heads! LOL

I wish I had thought to take ANOTHER video at the park - but after I got home tonight I realized this was the only one. But I still think it's worth sharing even if the very loud train is in the background. :P

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