Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Play Ball

David got home early tonight -well "early" for him.... and he and the kids got to have a little fun playing outside while the meatloaf finished baking for the last 15 minutes.

Last year with Nora's Birthday money a T-ball and bat set was one of the things she picked out however, it wasn't until tonight that she "LET" us give her some coaching. Before now she just wasn't into it, but tonight she actually got it!

It was so fun! Especially for our little "fielders" Olivia and Paul Thomas:)

and it wasn't until the very end that I had the idea to trace with chalk around the home plate and where Nora should place her feet. What a great idea if I do say so myself! ;)
and incase you noticed, yes I cut Nora's hair recently - over the weekend actully but that is a WHOLE 'NOTHER STORY... for another day so stay tuned! ;)

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