Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Play Ball

David got home early tonight -well "early" for him.... and he and the kids got to have a little fun playing outside while the meatloaf finished baking for the last 15 minutes.

Last year with Nora's Birthday money a T-ball and bat set was one of the things she picked out however, it wasn't until tonight that she "LET" us give her some coaching. Before now she just wasn't into it, but tonight she actually got it!

It was so fun! Especially for our little "fielders" Olivia and Paul Thomas:)

and it wasn't until the very end that I had the idea to trace with chalk around the home plate and where Nora should place her feet. What a great idea if I do say so myself! ;)
and incase you noticed, yes I cut Nora's hair recently - over the weekend actully but that is a WHOLE 'NOTHER STORY... for another day so stay tuned! ;)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boy's Birthday Parties are FUN to go to!

Nora and I went to another Birthday party this afternoon after Mass. A boy from her class, Garrett, had his 5th Birthday.

The weather was perfect for playing outside - the kids loved the mud hole and trampoline. Also a big hit was the huge Easter egg hunt all over the yard that Garrett's Memaw planned!! There were tons of prizes! We had a great time!

The invitation was Spiderman and so she choose a spider-man beach towel and swim shorts as her gift to him. He was super excited about the towel. It was hooded and when you stretched it out looked like a big web. Very COOL! ;)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Girly Stuff

Do you remember my "Nothing Mom" post from the 11th? Well Nora needed socks - the thin ones that you wear with dress shoes.. and she spotted Bras for girls her size! :) Only she wanted the ones with the cups and it took me a whole 15 minutes to convince her they were too big for her and even tried two on over top of her clothes before she would agree that they didn't fit. haha but she did end up happy with the smallest one in the store (size 28)

However she still wishes she could have the "pretty ones" with cups like mom's... so I asked how about we find one for me that is pink and looks like yours. I knew I needed a new sports bra to sleep in... so off we went to the women's department.

...and ta-da! we found one :) Just look at her huge smile. She is so proud of her new bra!

I have no memory what so ever of my first bra, but I can tell you I do remember that I was many years older than Nora (middle school) and did not want one..

And Nora being the girl she is - of course after putting it on she did NOT want to cover it up...

She wanted Daddy to be sure and see it when he got home from work!! haha She does understand that they are not for anyone else to see besides her, and us.. She is already talking about wearing it everyday to school!

I guess I'll have to ask family to be on the lookout for anymore of the 28 or smaller if they have it as I bought the only one at our Walmart. I did have to safety pin the straps in the back until I can get her to take it off long enough to tack them with the sewing machine.

I'm just so happy that she's happy :c)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Olivia, What a little Angel

As promised, here are a few more photos of our time playing outside over the weekend. Olivia kept sneaking off from the driveway behind the garage and walking up the sidewalk to the front door and porch.

The first few times I thought she just enjoyed sitting on the bench by the front door or walking on the welcome mat... but then I noticed she was playing with this little angel that use to be my mothers. We've had it by our front walk since moving to TX.
Olivia was infatuated with this angel statue.. and after she figured out that she couldn't pick it up she figured out that she could do this...
Just one of the many sweet memories we are making each day :) We are so blessed to have three amazing gifts from God! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The twins learn how to drive

The weather here has been very nice and warm. Upper 70's. On Friday I played out in the drive way with them and they loved it. Paul Thomas figured out the barbie jeep.. and after telling David all about it over supper he couldn't wait for Saturday afternoon to get here so he could play out there with them too. ;)

This video was taken from today (Sat) and although they still have a lot of learning to do - they've figured out how to make it GO - which is all they care about. For now we'll stick with driving in circles. LOL

and here's another that I thought was so cute. Nothing special just them doing what they do best = Dragging out stuff!

Both of them trip and fall down but they were OK. ;) Paul Thomas has a thing with the Jeep doors can you tell?

I have a few more to share but will have to save those for tomorrow.... time to start supper. Nora wants to help me make spaghetti.
We hope all of you are enjoying the warmer weather where you live. :) Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nothing Mom...

I really regret not having a photo to share with you here... but I think you can use your imagination and find it to be cute. :)

Last month when Dad and Clara came for my surgery, Clara brought me a new bra. I haven't been able to go without the spandex type that the doctor gave me for support since my last followup.. but this past Sunday I was wearing a top to church and didn't want the Dr's bra to show so I put on the one from Clara.

Nora saw me with it on and immediately started inspecting it and noticed it had as she put it "Fancy Diamonds on it Momma!" actually a small pear heart in the center the size of a button... anyway she thought they were diamonds :) and compared to the UGLY nursing bras I've been wearing for the past 4 years this new bra did look quite Spectacular! ;) both to Nora and to me. ;)

So that was Sunday..

Last night (Monday) as we were getting ready for bath time and the kids were all running around naked as they do while I run bath water in the tub I noticed a white something go flying by the door... what was that?

I called for them to come get in the water and apparently Nora had put on my new bra from Clara. LOL Although it is quite smaller than my old bras it still looked quite HUGE on Nora's 4 year old body. But she didn't care she was sporting around with it on so proudly... LOL and didn't even notice when David and I laughed at her.

I told her to go take it off and come get in the tub.

Now fast forward to today.

This morning I was folding a load of clothes while Nora finished her pancakes and the twins were gated off in the den watching a morning cartoon show. I told Nora that I needed her to go upstairs and put on shorts and a shirt and then to come downstairs and to put on her shoes b/c I needed to go to the consignment store to drop some stuff off.

I also stressed to her that I would not leave without her... but that while she was getting dressed and shoes on I was gonna be loading the twins one at a time in the van. Nora will freak out and totally melt down if she thinks for a second you are gonna leave without her. I don't know where this fear comes from b/c we have never forgotten and left her behind..?

Anyway, I loaded Paul Thomas first and then came back for Olivia. As I was strapping Olivia in, Nora comes out the kitchen door and climbs up beside me at Olivia's door in a rush to get past me... at first I thought it was about her whole fear of being left behind or not getting to be "first" to be buckled... but then notice something white hanging out of her sleeve...

I asked what is that? and Nora replies - "Nothing mom."


By this time she has passed me and Olivia's chair and Nora's back is to me so I tell her to turn around and sure enough something lumpy is under her shirt. I lift up her shirt and there is my new bra that Clara brought to me last month! LOL

That little stinker thinks it's hers! and she told me so! Nora said that last night when she had to take it off for bath she hid it in her closet so that it would be hers and she could be the one to wear it.

Just imagine our conversation..... I knew better to tell her that 4 year olds "can't" - b/c I know my Nora and she wouldn't accept that.... so I did finally get her to agree to take it off and leave it at home.. but she made me "promise, very promise" that if we saw one "for SALES" in her size I would buy it for her.

That I could promise her... unfortunately for her, I already knew that we wouldn't be going anywhere that sold little girls undergarments today. *sigh*

LOL so for any family reading this and wants an idea on what to buy Nora for her upcoming birthday - she would love to have something that looked like a bra. These above I found on the JC Penny website. I'm just worried that I won't be able to find any small enough for this soon to be 5 year old...

why oh why does Nora have it in her head that she wants to wear one of these darned things??? *sigh*

Just another "Minor Happening"... ;)

The NEW ME!!!

I worte this post on the 12th of February but forgot to hit publish. So I'm rerunning it agin in case you missed it. Sorry for my error.
(This is me excited about going to my appointment... in the van)
I went for my 1 week post opp. appointment today and got the super TIGHT bandage cut off and man, did that ever make a word of a difference!!! I can BREATH again!
Breath with me...IN...........
hold a second or two
and slowly let it out......
That felt good didn't it? Well it did for me :) Did I mention that the bandage I had wore a week was SOOO TIGHT?!!?? LOL
I was so relieved when he cut that down my back and off! After he cut that bandage off today and after I came home and even tonight, I feel like a WHOLE NEW WOMAN! :)
Dr. Beckert confirmed that he removed just at 6 POUNDS! And that all tissue came back normal from the lab. He also fitted me in my new sports bra which he wants me to wear another 5 weeks… and guess what – it was a size Medium! I haven’t worn a medium since I’ve been old enough to buy my own clothes. So yes, you can imagine how great I feel now. :)

His orders were to not shower for another 2 weeks... I can take a bath though but keep the breasts dry - and after 5 weeks go BRA shopping! :) whoo hoo!!! He even was quite knowledgeable about which stores were the best to go to - He had great things to say about JC Penny's and Dillard's ;)

Taken after coming out of my appointment. See the new me! :)

Thanks everyone for your prayers! I actually received lots of prayers and emails too from the St Francis ACTS group off list and it gave me a lot of peace knowing that a lot of them had gone through or knew someone who did and knew what I was getting ready to go through.

My dad and step mom (Ollie & Clara) have been here just over a week – and are leaving tomorrow morning (Fri) to go back to KY. They are very anxious to return home, as this is the longest they’ve ever been gone. I’d love for them to stay through the weekend and enjoy our Mardi Gras festivities…

but they want to get back to KY. Thankfully Nora is off school tomorrow so I’ll have no need to leave the house or “LIFT” babies into car seats.... and then David will be with me during the weekend and he’s off work Monday, so that should be helpful to give me some more healing time.

Also prayers for my parents driving back to KY would be appreciated…I’m a little nervous about them driving on Friday the 13th Last year when they drove back tornado followed them through each town it seamed… thankfully they were able to stay ahead of the storm the whole way and made it back safe.

… and I’m still not ready for *Hugs* or lifting or holding my twins during mass… but I am doing great.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The kids enjoyed the Lion's Den Park today

Today was so nice - weather in the low 80's. David had worked all day on a project for me here at the house so late this afternoon we ventured out of the house and made it to the park. The Lion's Club built a huge Fort/Castle park here where we live.

Nora has always loved it but today was the twins' first time to really run around there. Last year we went for several play dates but they mostly spent time in the stroller watching b/c they weren't walking yet.

When she wasn't flying like Superman relaxing on the swing with Daddy

Nora loved the tire swing!

I took over 100 photos and just selected a few of the better ones to share here... as you can tell they were fast on their feet and most of the photos are of the BACK of their heads! LOL

I wish I had thought to take ANOTHER video at the park - but after I got home tonight I realized this was the only one. But I still think it's worth sharing even if the very loud train is in the background. :P

Thursday, March 5, 2009

They're Here-er!

The babies love it when the lawn guys (father/son) show up to cut the grass! They go window to window watching them. :c)

...and in case you noticed... yes the grids on the patio doors are broken.. not by any of our children though :/ but that is another story.

and what was the highlight of Nora's day today? The Target Toy Sales Flyer/booklet arrived in the mailbox today. It just so happens that today she brought home from school an invitation to Emma's Birthday party in 2 weeks.... So Nora enjoyed thumbing thru all of the pages circling the things she wants to buy for Emma's Birthday gift.