Monday, April 21, 2008

Baptism Portraits!

I almost forgot to share with everyone... but take a look at what I picked up earlier this week!!! Olivia and Paul Thomas' Baptism portraits!
these photos of the actual portraits do NOT do them justice! sorry!We Baptized them in September last year during Labor Day weekend so that my David's mother and my Dad and Clara could come down from Kentucky to be here. The photos were not taken until November -there were some scheduling conflicts with our October trip to Savannah... but thankfully the gowns still fit them and we did finally get the photos taken!

I think they look great on either side of the mirror in the Dining Room, don't you? I was very pleased to find frames that matched the light fixture in the Dining Room and so very similar to the frame of Nora's that hangs in the foyer.... and she still refers to it as the "photo when I was Baptized when I was a rooster" :cP
again, sorry about the poor lighting - no windows in the foyer...

and also I took another photo of the twins - this is hanging up at the studio on display. It is huge! not sure exactly how big - but much larger than the 16x20's that I bought. I think the sale price was around $750 for this size (((which is why I did NOT purchase it))) I wonder how long they will keep it on display and after they're done, what they will do with it???

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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