Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jasmine Cake = yummmmOOOHHH!

LOL I got your curiosity up have I??? Well today was David's 35th Birthday... and a Jasmine Cake is what my 3 year old Nora insisted we make for Daddy's Birthday…

She got a 2008 calendar for Christmas and at the beginning of the year we put Disney stickers on all the dates of friends and family members birthdays so she would recognize when a special day was coming up. Each night before prayers, I ask her, “What was your favorite part of today” and we talk about what happened and she chooses… and I fill it in on that day’s square. I’m trying to teach her about the days of the week and such…

Well ever since about February, she has been flipping the pages up and reminding me that 4/4 is Princess Jasmine’s Birthday too – b/c that’s the sticker she put on David’s Birthday. LOL ;)

Although there wasn’t much to it - it was a good thing I had some mommy friends to ask for help on this project, b/c I searched and searched and couldn't’t find anything to place on the cake. Not even a card to cut out around… but Nora’s preschool teacher searched among her home and found this 4” figurine for us to borrow. Isn’t it cute?

Oh the fun she and I had making this cake Friday while the babies napped! Although I have many made from scratch cake recopies that were once my mothers – right now in my life I had to settle for saving time and using a box mix… but you know what..? it was just what we needed. Nora was so proud of herself for reading the “IN-grid-eeeee-nces” by looking on the back and seeing it needed, “ 3 eggs like me momma!” (she’s 3 years old) and only ONE stick of butter… it was so fun! :c)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

the babies were not quite sure what was going on... this was their first Birthday party at home :) - and believe it or not their June 4th Birhtday will be here before we know it!!!
She couldn't take her eyes off of the "fire" LOL
how about giving Daddy a Birthday kiss???? not! Nora goes for the ice cream instead! :c)
here are the special cards for Daddy - yep, another princess Ariel... they didn't have any Jasmine cards, and Nora really loves the ones that play "U-sic" It was a big hit with David as well :) And at the top is the one she made all by herself.
and just for fun - here is one last photo of Nora... She is 100% my Daughter!!! :) We both love chocolate ice cream... and with her looking down in the photo she looks so much like I did as a little girl!!! :c)

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