Friday, April 25, 2008

A rare moment at Story Time yesterday!

Not sure what phase the moon was in yesterday, but for one rare moment all the kids cooperated and lined up for a group photo at Story Time!!! again, did I mention RARE?? ;) I'm just glad I had my camera and could stand beside Ms. Michelle and take a quick snapshot for proof!

Nora is in the back squatting down looking at the two newest baby girls in our group.... and Paul Thomas is the baby asleep in the blue car seat and Olivia to the right of him in the brown car seat.

There were a few moms and kiddos absent yesterday. I think the class size is around 20 kids.... so that would mean there were 5 not there. But on average this is the usual group size and we always have a active group of preschoolers on Wednesday's!!!
There is another mom that just started coming this year who is a mother of twins also!!! I am not sure on the spellings, but Kyler is the twin with the light eyes, and Kayden is the twin with the dark brown eyes. Johna's twins are just a few month older than mine - as they just recently had their first Birthday and both boys are walking already. Seeing them each week gives me a "preview" to what life will be like around the next corner. LOL :cP

Nora helps Miss Michelle clean up!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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