Thursday, April 17, 2008

A great day for a picnic at home!

I have more than enough photo to share with everyone but for today will just share the highlights of a picnic we had outside on the driveway after preschool today. The babies loved Nora's idea! It was a little windy so we had to get creative on how to anchor down the corners of the quilt. ;c)

oh good, Olivia has decided to wake up and join us!!

Paul Thomas still hasn't mastered the pinching motions for picking up foods yet -he grabs everything and brings to his mouth as if he were eating popcorn by the hand fulls! ;c)

I think they were looking for the kitchen chairs that the boosters are usually strapped to... I love it when they do the same thing at the same moment :c)

Olivia loves to patty-cake! and really gets excited in anticipation when you rooooollll it :c) then tickle her!
Nora sitting still - a RARE moment these days!

and guess who took this photo?

and here is 1 of 19 mommy and me shots we tried to take... the other 18 had crazy faces on Nora..ok, well maybe on 17, I think I blinked in one. :P

isn't she looking so big girl like here? She crosses her legs when she sits now, but not for the typical reasons... she thinks she is being a mermaid and that is her big tail! LOL ;c)

and here she is as "the little mermaid" pretending to be ASLEEP!!! hahahaha! 3 year old are so fun!

and what about the food you ask??? I took all of these photos before I brought out the foods as we were waiting on Heidi and Eli and Ella to come join us. But after they got here we had pretzels, apples, hot dog slices and juice! and while Nora and Eli rode trikes Olivia and Paul Thomas ran around in their walkers on the driveway.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

EDITED TO ADD: a photo of Jackson our mini schnauzer (9 years old.) He got to go to the groomer earlier this week and we decided to go for a summer cut and shave his skirt. well, actually we didn't have much of a choice b/c he was so matted... will all the tasks I have to do every day and night combing the dog just isn't on the list anymore! But I think he still looks cute. I know he feels much better!

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