Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

how about a short video for a change? This was taken after the Brithday cake last Friday. David was feeding the babies... and Olivia was really into her Guava!

Edited to add: If you are a rather new visitor - I must share a link here that will take you to the first video we ever posted of Nora last September. Get ready to laugh your socks off at the ending!!! There are also links on the right hand column that will take you back to old posts from each month :) ~bonnie


Anonymous said...

How cute is that video.. i don't know what was more fun... seeing the kids in action, or actually hearing your voice for the first time! i don't know what i was expecting other then a southern accent, since that is where you have lived all your lives!! SO CUTE!!! thanks for sharing... i LOVE the video!!! IowaLisa

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Thanks IowaLisa for leaving a comment! :) Yep we are pretty southern. I'm not sure if any other accents have rubbed off on us - we grew up in KY but in our 11 years of marriage have lived in KY, GA, SC, IN and now TX. I am sure to many we sound rather strange. LOL

Glad you liked the video and I will have to try and do these more often. Of course when David said "don't" put that on the internet that meant I just haaaad tooo! :) LOL

In the background you can hear Nora chatting/singing ;)

I have another good one that he told me not to put on the internet - I will have to look and find where I saved it! It is funny!

Oh and in case you missed the first video on the blog - you need to go back and take a look - September 2007

Love from Texas!!! ~Bonnie

Elaine Adair said...

Oh my dear, this was a delightful, non-quilty visit ! Isn't this technology marvelous? I used to send a copy of a photo to relative, then think ... "did I send them one, or was that to my sister, or no I forgot the other photo" etc. With these blogs, our family/friends come to US! I've had such pleasure with blogging. Thanks for the darling pics of babies, children, and DH! Keep up your most important job!

call me crazy said...

Hi Bonnie~
You caught me! :-) I purposely didn't mention my blog on HGTV, just thought I'd wait to see if anyone found me. I'm glad it was you! :-))

Love the photo's of the kids! They are growing so fast. And I just cracked up over your video's!! Thanks for the giggles!!

Mary said...

I can't believe how big they're getting! I also thought it was funny hearing your accent. I don't think of the people I meet online as having accents and I almost fell out when I met JudyL in person - she has such a strong southern accent. I only have a very slight one (I grew up in VA)but it stands out here in Minnesota and I get a lot of comments on it.