Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fun with Friends on Friday!

Since the beginning of our kids starting Preschool last fall, our play group has tapered off on meeting up so regularly. Three of the mothers are directly involved two days a week with the preschool - two teachers and the other is the baby sitter for the teachers... so getting together for a play date is often times "too much." They need a day off too form all the kids. :cP

However recently with the nice warmer weather, it has made us want to try and get together at least Every other Friday. :) We met at a park just following Easter for an egg hunt, then went over to Millie's for a Birthday play date for her turning 4 and today, we were invited over to Jed's home to come play in the sprinkler! Which the kids l-o-v-e-d!!!
(Do you notice Olivia and Nora have matching swim suits!!! Wish I had thought and have them pose for a photo - maybe next time.)

I think in two weeks we are going to try and go to Shangri La Botanical Garden and Nature Center that just opened up a couple months ago... and since most all of the play group kids are also the preschool kids we will make it a field trip too!

Below are some more photos of friends that were taken at our home while I watched Natalie and John Paul for a short while before we all went to play group. They loved driving Nora's "BarVie" jeep while she directed them on where to go. ;c)

and here is a photo of my great friend Heidi the hostess of the play date today holding her newest addition to her family, Ella (born 3/10/08)

Thanks Heidi for letting us come over! It's aways fun playing in your BIG Backyard!!!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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