Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Part 2

I took a few photos after everyone had gone home while we were taking a break inbetween clean up. Here is Nora in her Word Girl shirt that my quilting friend Dixielady in South Carolina made for her.

Nora thought she could use her super power to blow this balloon up if she raised her arm like Word Girl....So cute!

And I bet if you've already read my previous post you are asking to yourself... "where's Olivia?" sorry about that. She was here and running around the whole day... Just wasn't in front of the camera much. This is one I took of her while she went around "cleaning up cake" :P

and of course Paul Thomas loves anything that belongs to his big sister Nora - especially her new princess chair... although the chair didn't love him. He kept tipping over in it.

I love that I captured these here below of David and Nora. She loves to quiz us on addition... and here David is showing her an example. All hours of the day Nora will randomly give us 2 or 3 numbers and ask what they equal... ;) There are long pauses in between so I'm guessing that either she is checking to see if we are correct or she's adding up the next set of numbers so that she knows the answer before hand ;)

and lastly I leave you with this... a photo of the twins playing with the wagon. I admit it... I was TOO wiped out and tired to get up from where I was sitting to go take a better shot. Oh what a day! ;)

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