Thursday, June 11, 2009

Olivia looking like a big girl

Summer is here! and we are have a lot of fun playing outside in the afternoons after nap time. In the first photo the girl holding Olivia is our angel, Diane :) She comes three days a week to help out and is such a blessing to me and the kids!

Olivia had on one of Nora's shirts and WOW look how grown up and big she suddenly looks! I thought I'd share a post full of photos of just Olivia ;) Enjoy!

Olivia riding the teater-tottter with Nora... and trying hard to "be brave"

Look at that face! SO toot!!!

you better watch out when little sister comes at ya with her rollin pin! LOL

She's so excited to be the first one to slide today!

I love this one! It captures her beautiful smile!

Why she loves to go hide in the fence row I don't know! But she does.

awlll... Often I try to take a pic of the two of us... and a few times I get lucky and get one that we are BOTH in the photo :P

inside playing Peek-a-Boo!

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