Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quaid's Birthday Party was so fun!

I don't know if you can see very well but in the above photo Nora is spread out in the center of the ball pit and Olivia is at the bottom right. Today we went to a Birthday Party for one of Nora's favorite friends from school, Quaid.

Actually Quaid's Birthday is in mid December but his older brother and younger sister both have June birthdays, so his mom was smart to include him in the mix to avoid a scheduling nightmare for December and so we actually celebrated Quaid's "5 and 1/2" Birthday ;)

The party was at a Gym and boy was it fun! Someething for everyone of all ages! Paul Thomas especially loved this small clubhouse and slide over by the wall.... and he rarely let go of that long snake. Up and down, up and down they both went all day ;)

The girls loved jumping on the trampoline in the back corner. They had several but this one was by the ball pit and clubhouse so it was easy to keep an eye on everyone if we all stayed together. David stayed right there the whole time to make sure they didn't fall off the edge by him. Two sides were walls... and the 4th side you don't see was another long running mat shaped trampolne with lots of padding so they only non safe spot was where David is standing. ;)

Guess what Paul Thomas liked best about the ball pit? Zipping everyone up in it! ;)

Olivia and David found these half circle padded things and started using them like rocking charis. She loved it and it wasn't too long after that Paul Thomas caught up with them and took a rock or two also :)

Above the gym was a catwalk type of thing built with a small room. That is where they served the cupcakes. Sorry I don't have better photos to share of our day. It was dark in there - however this is one that shows Nora and the Bithday boy Quaid on the left. Paul Thomas is by Nora with his head down.

What a fun party! and indoors too with Air Conditioning! Note to self... for next summer. Can you believe that our big backyard birthday bash is tomorrow afternoon??? Yep! I think I'm ready.

I still need to put together the Thanks for coming party bags tomorrow after we get home from church. Our party isn't unitl 4pm.

However since the kids were early to bed tonight, after the bath and bedtime routine, I came downstairs and I made the Word Girl PiƱata for our party tomorrow! I think Nora is gonna love it!

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