Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vacation in Kentucky

While home in KY visiting David's Grandma Reliford-Sublet's farm we enjoyed time outside on the porch around the time the sun was going down - such a Beautiful time of day. Below is Nora's cousin Malorie (10 yrs.) who had fun eating ice cream with Nora and making "Got Milk?" faces together.

The twins really had a great time too! Olivia continues to steal Uncle Mark's heart each time they are together. ;) The above isn't a great photo but you can see those "rollin hills" in the background - something we do not have here in our parts of Texas.

and here we are just before we left Grandma's house Monday night. Thanks Corrine for the delishious supper -roast, potatoes, and corn from the garden and of course dessert! ;)

Cousins Ethan (wearing the cap) and Lance had a great time playing hide and go seak... I love this one of Ethan in motion ;)

Paul Thomas had fun climbing on what ever he could find to climb on ;) While Olivia spent a lot of time just chillin with her Daddy.

Nora ran out to meet Uncle Mark and his girlfriend as soon as they got there and was already telling them some story before they could walk up to the porch :)

Betcha can guess who Nora's new best friend is... Mallorie :) Oh and I almost forgot photos of all the kids climbing the tree in the front yard... how could I almost forget that! They loved it!!! Especially Olivia and Paul Thomas! :)

Don't worry - someone had a hold of them so they wouldn't fall :)

In the tree Malorie (10) holds Olivia (2) and Paul Thomas (2) on the left - and Nora (5) in the tree on the right. Below stands left to right Ethan (6) and Lance (8).

Ah, good times in Kentucky!!!! :)

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