Sunday, June 7, 2009

Birthday Brownies for the 2 year olds! ;)

Has it been 2 years already??? Happy 2nd Birthday Olivia & Paul Thomas!

Tonight for supper I fixed spaghetti - the kids favorite :) for Olivia and Paul Thomas' Birthday supper. Earlier this afternoon Nora and I baked a pan of brownies... and this was great. Not too much and yum, yum good! After all it was just us here.. so no need to make a huge cake that would end up getting trashed before we ate it all.

Two pink candles for Olivia and two blue for Paul Thomas... that was Nora's idea.....

and Paul Thomas immediately knew just what to do! Only when he'd inhale real big with his head tilted back and mouth wide open, he'd lunge forward and blow the biggest blowing - with his nose scrunched up, lips puckered... and the air blowing up his own nose! :P It was too funny! :P

I took a 1.5 minute long video with my camera while we sang The Birthday Song but it will not upload :( to the blog for some reason? I'll try again, b/c I really want to share it with you all - of course it's cute of the kids... however mine and David's singing leaves a lot to be desired! LOL :c)

Papaw & Mamaw sent Birthday cards with $$ in them. I would have taken photos of them opening those up (like on Valentines Day) but suddenly my camera batter died :( Friday we were at Walmart and they each picked out song/talking books that were $14 each to use some of their money on... with the remainder money, there are a number of things to put it towards... summer time PJs, new shoes, even a bed tent for Olivia... but that is a whole 'nother story!

I'm sure there were probably more Birthday cards that would have arrived today for the twins - but on our way out this afternoon to a friends' Birthday party we noticed on the main road between our neighborhood and I-10 a wrecker that had a USPS mail truck loaded up on it.... and several people were gathering up lots of mail all around... Apparently that was our carrier's truck b/c we had nothing in the box after we got home tonight around 6:30pm. :/ Hope our mail shows up next week.

I'll wrap this up for now... and try again to get the video to upload here... Hope all of you are having a happy weekend!


Mikol said...

The babies are 2 already?? Wow, how the time goes by.

Jessica said...

Hey Bonnie! I've *finally* made it over to your family blog. How cute! I'm gonna add this one to my google reader, also. Oh, and I got quite a hoot out of your Survivor Texas style post! HA!!