Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cajun Story of the Week - Tuesday 05/12/09

Joe Gilbeaux from Port Arthur, decided him, dat it was time for him to change his ways and join a church. He went to Brother Gaspard's church. Da preacher said OK, Mr. Gilbeaux, but you have to pass a small Bible test first. Da frist question is, "Where was Jesus born?" Gilbeaux answer, "Longview."

Brother Gaspard say, "I'm sorry but you don't know dat basic question, you can't join my church."

Gilbeaux tried anutta church. Da preacher axe him da same question, "Where was Jesus born?"
Gilbeaux say, I kknow me, it's Tyler."

Da preacher said, "You wrong Mr. Gilbeaux , sorry.

Gilbeaux decided he would try on mo church so he went to see preacher Comeaux at da mom-denomination church and told Brother Comeaux he want to join his church.

Rev. Comeaux welcomed him with open arms. Gilbeaux say, " I don't got to pass no Bible test?"

Brother Comeaux said, "Sure don't."

Gilbeaux say, "Preacher, let me axe you somethun. Where was Jesus born?"

Brother Comeaux answer, "He was born in "Palestine."

Gilbeaux say, "I knew me, it was somewhere in East Texas."

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