Saturday, May 23, 2009

What a fun day at home!

I've recently fallen in love with red work. ;) and this block I'm working on called "A more than 24 hour day" is a great way to describe our day today - we had a very fun day as a family. I hop, played at the mall, the babies naped on the way home in the van...

Then after we got home... the girls were entertained for hours playing in the sprinkler so I had time to sit and stitch. This is my 4th or 5th block in this "Quilter's Blessings"Block of the Month Series from my friend Bea in Germany.

It was so fun watching them play. Olivia figured out that she had an all you can drink water fountain ;)

Nora has a "good idea" - and is trying to convince me to pull the turtleshell over to the sliding board.... it was just what I needed to bribe her into taking 1 or 2 look into the camera "good" photos... (these are so hard to get)

and it worked! we got a great "Mommy & Me" photo to remember this fun day...

The girls made some great memories playing outside while Paul Thomas napped today... I'm so glad they have each other to grow up with... aaawlll.... sisters ;)

And don't cha just love this one below -Look at those expressions... too funny!

After Nora and Olivia had played for about an hour... I heard Paul Tomas wake up on the monitor... so I went and got him.

He joined the girls outside...and made up for the lost time in about 3 minutes. ;) He was all about the slide...

and little sister is right behind him... hehe behind... ;)

I love this one of him peaking over the top...

Not really woke up good yet... but ready to have some fun...Ready, set, GO!

and he was doing this to try and make his self go faster. Paul Thomas is so funny.

and BIG Splash!

Olivia peaking over the top..

and here is our "cheerleader" big sister Nora... sitting at the bottomyelling "ready, set, GO!" each time.

this is my favorite funny face!!!

and Paul Thomas was very excited and loud too..

after I wrapped Olivia up (in a quilt made by my momma) she was so still and serious... I could have sat there and held her forever all bundeled up...

but then came along Paul Thomas and when he saw I had the camera out he climbed up... I thought I could snap a group photo of the three of us... but NOOooo! That little booger would not be STILL... this was the best out of 5 that Itook of the 3 of us..:P

and he was mad that I held him still for his "Mommy & Me" pose...

What a fun day we had... despite that David suddenly came down with flu symptoms while we were at the mall today and felt 100% terrible. He was inside resting/sleeping while I kept the kids out of the house so he could enjoy some quiet. It stinks that he missed such a fun playtime in the backyard with the kids... I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

Happy Weekend everyone!


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Mikol said...

Where are their suits?! I guess they are in their 'suits' aren't they. So cute, looks like you all had a good time.