Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mom, Look at my "Come-Mote" that I made

Nora just recently started playing with Play-Dough here at home. She's been exposed to it at Story Time and of course pre-school but at home.... not so much. I just wasn't ready to deal with the mess here at home especially last year when things were so hectic around here with the babies... breathing treatments and breastfeeding... I just could not trust her with it and had no time to sit down and play with her...

But just a few weeks ago while the twins nap... I began letting Nora have time at the kitchen table to play on her own with Play-Dough over a clear vinyl table cloth of course and the things she has to use to play with are very limited but her imagination is not ;)

this here is her Remote Control that she made - with all the buttons for the TV. She had a lot of fun telling me which button showed which TV show... and knew them all by heart. ;) I'm just glad she didn't give me a pop quiz as to which button does "Word Girl" mom? b/c I would have never remembered.

Also I should note that Nora has always called the remote - a "COME-mote" no matter how many times I correct her she still says it the same :P Even David's been known to ask me if I've seen the "come-mote" LOL :)

I'm thinking she just may be able to add "Play-Dough" to her Birthday wish list... right now she only has 2 cans of it and various things from her kitchen set to use for playing... I know there are tons of fun stuff at the stores - I remember growing up I got the barbershop for my birthday one year and that was always so much fun to play with!!! I wonder if they still sell those?

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