Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cajun Story of the Week - week of 05/20/09

Maude Boudeaux was shopping at Robbie's Grocery Store and happened upon a granpa and his bad behaving three year old grandson. It was obvious to Ms. Maude that Gramps him, had his hands full wit dat kid screaming for candy and eveyrhting else.

Ms. maude watched grandpa working his way around da store saying in a calm voice, "Easy Albert, we won't be long. Easy boy." Da kid had anutta outburst and Grandpa him, in a controlled voice says, "It's OK Albert, jus a couple more minuites and we'll be outta here, hang in there."

At da checkout da little terror is t'rowing items out of da card and Gramps, again in a calm voice is saying, "Albert, Albert, relax buddy, don't get upset, we'll be home in five minutes, stay cool Albert."

Maude her was very impressed so she follered the old man to da car where he is puttin up his groceried and loading da brat. Maude says, "You know sir, you were amazing in there. I don't know me how you did it. Dat whole time you kept your composure no matter how loud and disruptive he got. You jus calmly kept saying things would be alright. Albert, him i svery lucky to have you for his Grandpa."

Grandpa said, Thanks lady, but you see me, I'm Albert, da little brat's name is Stevie."

and if you thought that was funny - wait until you read what I found. I was googling to find a photo of a brat in a grocery store photo to share with the sotry and instead found something even better.... This was a new to be blog - but CLICK here to read about the brat tantrum she witnessed in a grocery store. She's a much better writter than I am and has a real gift. After reading it I felt as if I had been right there in line behind her witnessing it all. :)

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