Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cajun Story of the Week - week of 05/27/09

Old man Curtis Boudreaux had a lot of money him, and about ten years ago he married Agness Comeaux, who was 20 years younger dan him. Da first couple fo years was okay but since den deay did a lot of screaming and cussing deep into da night. Dy stayed married but hated each utta. Old man Boudreaux would shout, "Wen I die me, I will dig my way up out of dat grave and come back and haunt you for da rest of you life."

Neighbors feared dat old man. Day believed he practiced Black Magic, strange tings happened in da neighborhood. Boudreaux was a mean old man and finally died of a hear attack wen he was 80-year-old.

Everybody was relieved dat he was now dead. Agnes, her, started partying, going to bars, having a good time and spending crazy Boureaux's money. Her friends were concerned for her and axed, "Agnes, aren't you afraid you, dat Boudreaux him, might be able to dig his way up out of dat grave adn come back and haunt you?"

Agnes said, "I'm not worried me, let dat old fool dig. I had him burried upside down, ass side up."

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