Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 19th - All the way to 100

Today was a pretty exciting day at preschool for Nora! When I picked her up she was all smiles and very excited because today for the 1st time ever -all by herself - she counted to ONE HUNDRED for her teacher Ms. Meaux!!!

She got to ring a special bell and Ms. Meaux placed Nora's name on the ceiling...and a few other fun things too that Nora couldn't remember to tell me? ;)

So now she joins the 100 club of kids in her class that have accomplished this goal. I knew she could do it, and most likely could have been the first to do so - but even at home she'd get board around the 60's or 70's and just say... "I'm tired of this..." :P

So I didn't pressure her anymore about it. I knew she'd do it when she was ready and today was the day! I am so proud of Nora. To celebrate we got a Sunday from McDonalds and brought it home and she was super excited that I let her eat her ice cream "first" ;)

Do you remember the first time you counted to 100? I don't have a clue how old I was the first time I did but I know I wasn't this young! I'm thinking around 1st grade???

Who knows what new things she will learn next year in Kindergarten! She is already reading and doing math in PreK4.....

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