Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birthday Gift for Nora arrived.

A belated Birthday gift from Abbey, Michael & Harper in Mississippi ;) arrived in the mail last Friday... actually they had waited to mail it b/c we were going to be traveling thru on our way up to KY for vacation...

We even got to attend Mass with them and witness their new baby daughter, Harper, be welcomed into Christ's Family in the Holy Sacrament of Baptism but b/c of our long drive ahead we didn't go to their home for a visit and instead started driving on up to KY.

So Abbey waited until after we were back home from KY before mailing Nora's gift. Abbey always sends the best gifts! This time it was a 3-D Chalk set with 3-D paints made by Crayola. Nora loved it can you tell?

And with all of the work going on in the Dining Room and the "stuff" outside.. I made a deal with Nora. I asked her if we could wait to open and use it until nap time tomorrow while the twins were in bed.. then just she and I would get to play with it ;) as our special time and she agreed ;)

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