Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kids Adventure Camp Day 1

I just got home from picking Nora up from her 1st day Kids Adventure Camp. Instead of a week of Vacation Bible School, the United Method Church is holding an all day adventure camp form 9am-3pm each Wednesday this month.

Today was "Kids Cafe" and Nora cooked up lots of goodies :) and it was hard not to laugh when she excitedly announced on the way home that next week she will "Get to paint with watercolors and GORILLA paint" (she meant acrylic) LOL :P

They made a gingerbread church, a soft pretzel cross, a lolly pop cookie and also a jar of Potato Soup mix. Doesn't she look like a Cute Cookie in her chef's hat? She was so proud to show me her family that she drew on the front of it.

I'm so glad Nora had fun and made some new friends.

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