Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fun at Grandma Minor's home

Above Nora and Nora Lee look at a magazine together.

We visited Grandma Minor two days back to back. The second visit today she had us come for supper. Mmmmm! Fried Chicken and also pork chops with all the fixins! It was great to be together with all of David's family and watch the kids play with the cousins.

After work, David's sister Melanie & mother Kathy joined us at Grandma Minor's.

Nora and Mallorie smellin the flowers ;)

Uncle David keeps the kids entertained while Grandma, Mimi and Aunt Melanie chit chat.

of course lots of time for cuddling... and building forts to hide in ;)

and I got to get a few closeups with my two favorite boys... Paul Thomas and nephew Lance

I love these two photos above... on the Left Lance thinks Uncle David is just teasing about pulling his ear... and on the Right he finds out that Uncle David loves to aggravate!

One more trip up the bank to smell the flowers. Malorie and Lance did a great job playing with Nora and the twins today!

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