Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vacation Bible School

Today was the last day of Nora's Vacation Bible School week at our church and I am so thankful I ran back in to grab my camera. When I came back out lookie who was looking "Cute as a Bug" and also picking them up off of the garage floor.

yep, I remembered to wet her hair and give it some sorta style about 15 minutes before we left... I have a feeling it won't stay looking this good after a ride in the car seat.

and what about Paul Thomas... how was he dressed?? anything cute???

Well he sure thought he was CUTE!! ;) He la,la,loves his cape that Ms. Jill made and gave him for his birthday... and of course Nora's old boots he la,la,loves too! Thankfully before we got out of the van he had already dropped the cape outta sight behind his chair...and David was sneaky and make a shoe switch before going in to church. ;)

Today was the last day and as Nora has been telling us all week - the day of the "Big Concert" ;) where the kids sing the songs they learned and following a hot dog luncheon. Look at this cute cake that my friend Cathi made. Isn't she awesome!? She also made our "Twins Cake" for our baby shower - click here to look at that cake.

and here are few other photos I took today... Not many b/c I was busy visiting with firneds and just enjoying the day ;) We were happy that David could take a longer lunch break form work and join us today. Last year he missed the "concert" b/c of an emergency that came up at work.

The Mondaldo family sure do love our kids and we love them! ;)

Paul Thomas visits briefly with Father Tom... before he was down and running. ;)

Olivia got so excited when she saw "her NOR-IE" come walking in the door with her class... and I would have loved to had it all on video recorded... b/c after the song was over Olivia was the first person in the church hall to break the silence with her clapping and little sweet voice yelling as loud as she could with a great big "YEEEEEAAAA" ;) It turned a lot of heads for sure! ;)

then she got embarrassed ;)

Nora did EXCELLENT! She knew all of the words and hand movements to the songs... and I was so proud of her! I was told that all week she was the one who "sang the loudest" at every practice... but today she didn't... but that was ok. I could still hear her and I'm glad that she wasn't yelling like what I imagined all the teachers were hinting at from previously this week.

I really thought it was cute - and it even made me tear up a little - when she got so excited to spot us in the crowd while they were walking in and lining up and she got excited and spoke out a BIG - "Hi Mommy! Hi Olivia! Hi Paul Thomas! Hi Daddy!"

Not caring what others thought... or that everyone in the room could hear her... so sweet... and to think in a couple of years she will want to hide under the table than be seen in public with us. LOL So until then, I'm hanging onto these "I'm Mommy's Girl" days as tightly as I can.

Mmmm! Hot dogs with my friends! ;) and my Daddy too!

And here is Nora's newest best friend - Molly. Molly was her class' teacher's helper this week and she and Nora really hit it off. ;) When we were only 5 feet away form her "teacher" Ms. Lisa - I said to Nora, "Go over and thank your teacher and give her a hug" and Nora took off running and bypassed Lisa to find Molly. LOL Then she later found Ms. Lisa and hugged and thanked her too ;)

Below are two photos of Nora with one of her friends from school, Brady. He is a year younger than her and look how tall! The first = is the photo his mom took of the two of them together... ;)

and then here is the zombie pose Nora gave me when I took a photo just 1 minuite later. :P Too funny!

and of course after the stage was taken down all of the kids had fun running around... during cleanup time just before we left. You can see Olivia in the green... not sure where Paul Thomas was...? David is bent over listening to Isabella... I think she was asking him if she could hold one f the twins... and he told her "good luck trying to catch them" LOL

aaahhhh - great times!

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