Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Update on the Dining Room

The work on the Dining Room is finished as of Sunday night. Doesn't it look great? I know I had unlimited options of painitng, the perfect time to go with another color.. but I honestly loved the green and the fact that it already complimented the Baptism portraits that we had made of the twins..

so I choose as close to the original as I could :) and I love it. The photos will continue to be the focal point on the wall across from the China Hutch anchored on either side of the round mirror that will hang above mom's credenza that Dad gave to me.

A couple of closeups to show that the repairs look fantastic! Only those who saw it in person can really appreciate what a change this is.... 100% better to look at now! ;)

Moving on to the den, Rodney did a great job of matching up the stain for our new back door to the rest of the wood work in the room. Sorry for the bad photo.. light glare.. I'll try to see about taking another at a different time of day... for now all I can take is what the camera lets me...

uham - *someone* made a mistake while in KY and on the hay wagon tried to slide the camera across it to give to David to take a photo of me and Olivia together...and broke the button that lets you change the options... uham, *cough*cough* BUMMER :/

but forget the doors... what I want to know is can this repair man NAIL DOWN my seat cushions to my love seat and sofa! &*(^%&*@#??@#!

Now 9 years later, after selling furniture when we lived in SC, I now know EXACTLY why I could never "CLOSE" a sale to the moms who came in lookin to buy a sofa that cushions did NOT come off of the sofa!!!!

And the smell as you may know - STINKS to high heavens! So the kids and I called up my friend Heidi and asked if they wanted to go to the Spray Park? With my 3, and her 3, plus her 2 nephews .... we sure turned a lot of heads while at Target. :P Although a little too loud at times, all in all the children were so very good.

Of course it was also nice that my helper Diane could go with us too :) In my van I held:

(3) five year olds - Nora, Jed in the way back... and Bowman front left........and (2) two year olds - Paul Thomas front right and Olivia back left.

and in Heidi's turck she had (2) three year olds - Eli and Levi who are cousins and Ella who is her youngest and is 1 year old but the same height as my twins... so people were really puzzled looking at us.

It appeared that all in all we had a set of 5 year old triplets and a set of 3 year old twins and another set of triplets (the babies) but really got their head spinning when we said they were really twins and actually a year difference in age of Ella who is the same height. I know, I know - my babies are little! :P I hear it every time we go out...

This was their first time in Target shopping cart... and I had to keep sitting them down. I will not make that mistake again. STROLLER for SURE! ;)

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