Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dining Room Clean Out Day

Yesterday David was home (so glad he had the day off to recuperate from the 14.5 hour drive back home) and around noon he talked with the repair guy on the phone... and they have decided on a price for repairing where we had a roof leak and it damaged the drywall about a year ago. He also decided on a date to get started... TOMORROW! (Thursday 7/9/09)

So needless to say I got busy cleaning out the dining room!! For months I've used it for my quilting hobby since it is just one room away from the den where the kids play.... I'll spare you photos of what it looked like before I cleaned out all of that - and I'm not gonna dare show you what the guest room looks like RIGHT now... let's just say I'm not ready for guests anytime soon!

These are a few photos that show the damages from a leaky roof problem we had about a year ago. It's been fixed and no longer leaks... but we've known for quite a while that the drywall is in bad shape and has mold underneath. So thankfully we are ready to have it fixed!

Guess who my helpers were? There have been a couple of times that we have eaten in here on special occasions and had the booster seats for the kids in here - and of course before they crawled or walked we used the changing table in here for them all the time b/c of the two story home... but other that, today was their very first day to walk or run around in here!!! and oh what fun they had :)

An empty dining room equaled no baby gate at the door and FREEDOM to run in and out at will ;) They loved chasing one another... and Olivia thought she'd take a few swipes with the roller brush to get a head start before the handy man arrives tomorrow.

What a fun break from all the hard work ;)

Tonight after bath and bedtime routines David helped me move the table from the dining room into the computer room... and we made trip after trip after trip.... carrying all of the china and crystal and putting it on the table. Thankfully we can leave the hutch in the room covered while the work is completed.

and the changing table and credenza were placed in the foyer.... temporarily.

and now all that is left in here besides carpet and light fixture is the empty china hutch... which will be covered and then moved away from the wall when it's time to paint...

...and the ugly hole in the ceiling...

Ready for tomorrow Mr Repair man! ;)

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