Sunday, July 12, 2009

Goodby Dodge Intrepid - Hello Chevy Silverado

Today was THE day! David finally purchased a new vehicle to drive. The old car was purchased just a month after mom died in '99 and had been a great car during our 10 years of driving it... but the repairs it needed with the transmission, AC and tie rod were just too expensive to complete....

so a day at the Chevy dealer.... and after test driving a few... and somewhat fun time of negations... while the kids played in the showroom... David ended up driving home a new 2009 Silverado Pick up truck.

Paul Thomas sure did give it a good going over... 5 point inspection NOTHING - more like a 500 times button pushing, lever pulling, door locking inspection. LOL :P He did everything except blow the horn on the "Texas Edition" Truck on the showroom floor.

While the girls just played and posed and giggled ;)

While the paperwork was being signed off on the kids stayed in our van watching their new Joana Veggie Tales DVD from Aunt Melanie ;) and Nora found some suckers for her and Olivia. Thank Goodness the babies were buckled or I may have had to consider a trade if sticky got everywhere LOL :P

and I would have never guessed what came next... I was for sure that the girls would be on a sugar rush overload all night... but nope.. Look who was asleep when we pulled in our driveway at home ;)

However Paul Thomas was ready and rearing to get out of my van and into Daddy's new turck to see if it came will all of the same buttons and levers as the "Texas Edition" he tested out in the showroom... ;)

Yep, looks like the new turck passes Paul Thomas' 500 point inspection ;)

David I'm so happy for you and your new truck! ;) I hope you enjoy it for years to come! ~bonnie

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Mikol said...

YAY!! Looks like the kids enjoyed their experience with purchasing a new truck...PT had to check everything out because he knows it may be his one day. :P Congrats!