Saturday, July 18, 2009

I have 3 Great News items to share with you!

Today I made my phone call that I've been dreading to Mississippi. Oh I didn't tell you that on the way up to KY while I was driving I got a speeding ticket? Really? I didn't tell you??

How fast was I going... oh that doesn't really matter does it... well OK, since you are curious and it also goes along with how come I'm including this in my good news... I'll tell you...

I was goin 86 in a 70. Shame on me, I know... I know... yes 3 kids on board... I should be more careful.. but honestly I was just trying to get on down the road while the gettin was good... all the kids calm and quiet.. David asleep on the floor... trying to shave off some time off of the "estimated arrival time" on the Garmin...

anyway -the reason it's #1 on my list of GREAT NEWS.... is b/c I was expecting the fine to be a LOT more than it actually was. I was thinking around the $350 range... don't ask me how I know how a speeding fine could cost that much *cough* Augusta, GA about 8 years ago *cough*cough*

Well guess how much I owe.... $192! :) Whew!

SECOND GREAT NEWS - I received an email today from the Bernina shop simply stating my machine is ready to be picked up.

what? ready? ALREADY? Does this mean it's not fixable? b/c they said there were several in front of me and I just drove it over on Wednesday... OH no I'm thinking...

I call and they said no, it's fixed... and will cost.....

are you ready for this? are you sitting down?

$18 + tax!!! When I heard that I jumped up and started jumping up and down WHOOO HOOOO! This must be my lucky day! Whew!

and the 3rd on my GREAT NEWS report is that my Daddy got to come home from the hospital today! ;) It was 10 days ago that they removed his tumor and 2-3 feet of his intestine. He's really had a rough time... but has had a great care taker, my step mom Clara. She's been with him the whole time and I know he's in good hands now at home, despite his infection that he has in about 1-2" of his incision.

I just hope that he can stay hydrated now that he's home and not on IV anymore... and that his infection that he got in his incision will heal up and go away. Hard to believe that the whole time he was in the hospital he had next to nothing to eat or DRINK even... and now the Doctor has given him the green light on eating what ever he wants. When I last talked to him they were gonna have fresh corn on the cob and tomatoes from Aunt Nell's garden... along with??? I don't remember what - but what ever it was, I'm sure my dad was thinking it was good. ;)

And before I end my post of Great News, I want to sayThank you - THANK YOU - THANK YOU to all of my online friends that have already sent him a get well, or thinking of you card! It has really made his day to read over all of the states they are each from!

If you haven't mailed him a card yet but would like to - let me know by leaving a reply and your email and I will send you his mailing address.

He was real excited that one of the cards was from over seas. He didn't remember who... but said he'd tell me next time we talked on the phone ;) they were just getting home and unpacked.

I know he and Clara will sleep so sound tonight ;) in their OWN bed. With no nurses, beepin machines, or other things going on...

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