Monday, July 6, 2009

A Sad Goodbye

Driving back to Texas, I couldn't help but be a little home sick for Kentucky. We had a great visit this week and many many times David and I talked about just how beautiful our home state really is - something that neither of us really seemed to notice when we lived there.

More than once we talked about the "What if" and the "Maybe one day" because no matter how much we love our home and job and friends.... Texas is just too many hours away from family.

The following photos were a few that we took just before loading up to leave my dad's house. Both of my brothers were in. Barry and his wife Kathy and her grand kids drove down from Louisville Sunday and stayed the night.

When I was packing up our suitcases last night I told David that was pretty sure that this was the first night that all three of us - Barry Brian and I have all slept here at home together since mom died 10 years ago in 1999.

David took these before we said our goodbyes. I like the one on the left best myself... but I'll post both in case Barry or Brain wants to save them to be printed.... as I don't think Barry's wife took any photos.

and during the past two years, we have always tried to get a photo of Papaw holding both of the twins when we are together...... but that is getting harder and harder to do...

This one on the left was the best of the best of my attempts. LOL.

Although David did get a pretty good one of Daddy and Me while holding Olivia.....but really what she wanted to be doing was.....running!

While the photos were going on of Daddy and the kids and me... my brothers were checking the oil.. and adding a quart...and also giving David instructions on how to make me legal. We've lived in Texas 4 years now and I've just stuck the second licensee plate up on the dash of the windshield...

the round up of kids... or rather the hand off ;)

loaded up and ready to roll... except here comes Abbey and Keena running over from Aunt Nell's home to say one last good bye. Quick take a photo David b/c I'm sure the next time we see them one of them will be taller than me! ;)

Yep it was a great week in Kentucky - there is just no place like home for the 4th of July ;)

Tomorrow I'll be thinking of Daddy as he has his surgery to remove his tumor and 2-3 feet of his intestine.

Love & Prayers from -

somewhere between Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana & Texas!

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