Monday, July 27, 2009

Thanks SavedSinner!!

Many of you already know I like to quilt - and that I've been a part of an online quilters community since we moved to Texas in '05. They are a great group of friends! and I love that they are so generous and helpful and not just with quilting stuff either. Recently SavedSinner aksed me about some videos - if or not we had them or would be intreseted in them as her 7 year old grandaughter had outgrown them. Well look at what all showed up today!

Thanks so much Lindsey!!!! I will be mailing you a check to cover what you paid for shipping soon. :) I hope that your granddaughter can use it for something for her - since she was so generous in sharing these shows with my kids!

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Kevin & Tiffany Daniels said...

How wonderful! Online friends are great!