Friday, December 19, 2008

Car Cart Momma, I see the Car Cart over THERE

I had put it off ad put it off... but today I couldn't go any longer.. We were out of milk AND diapers! and you can't go without diapers in this house.. so off to Kroger we went this afternoon after the twins woke up from their naps.

When we got there Nora was combing the parking lot for a "car cart" - you've seen them little cars attached to a very short (and hard to drive) shopping basket. Our Kroger only has two of these and she knows that unless we see one outside and get it - then there is no way I'm gonna hold/carry the twins into the store and take a risk that there may or may not be one.. too bad none of the regular shopping carts have the double seating upfront like the car carts.

I usually try to do all my shopping on the weekends while the babies are home with David... and even if Nora and I go in for just couple gallons of milk, she insists on riding in that car thing... so we do.

But today was the first time the twins got to ride in it.. not the car part but the sit side-by-side double seat thing... and boy did they have fun!

Here we are in the parking lot ready to go.
Olivia wasn't so sure when I started pushing.... hold me Momma!

and in the store... so much to see...

I forgot my list at home *URGH!* :/ Do you remember what we need to buy babies???


yummmm yeah COOKIES!
Me too! Momma!

MMMMM - thank you Momma! :)
and just when we were about done.. Paul Thomas discovered a special treat above the checkout lanes... Christmas Ornaments hangin up! "BALL!" "SEE!" he'd say over and over.. so loud. He was so excited and everyone around was so entertained ;)

insert video 120 here

and here we are ready to unload and go home.. we didn't get everything on the list I LEFT AT HOME.. but we got the essentials! Diapers, Milk and Toilet Paper and some other stuff... :P

and Nora was happy to find a bag of PINK M&M's :D
What a fun trip to the grocery today... Occasionally things go smoothly when we are out and about.. and when it does, I cherish it b/c not every time is like that... so glad I had my camera with me to take pics to remember our day and share it with all of you.

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