Monday, December 15, 2008

David's missing wallet

It's been a wild day here at the MINOR home, David had a MAJOR problem... his wallet was missing for about 24 hours!!!

We turned everything upside down twice both inside and outside of our name it we looked, in the van, my purse the diaper bag multiple times b/c the "last place he had it was in the van"

...but b/c it never showed up we looked in the sofa cushions, the laundry baskets, even looked in the flower beds outside, all the closets (twins like to hide stuff in there), even the trash can - not just the one under the kitchen sink, but the BIG one that goes to the street every week!!! I think he tore open at least the top three bags and looked thru...

What a crazy day... I tell ya...David was late to work lookin’ for it this morning... I helped him some before I left to go walking at 8am... and he even came home on his lunch break to search some more… and we both searched again together when he got home.

Then tonight after we got the kids to bed he made me go sit with him in our mini van parked in the garage to “reenact” everything we did and went yesterday on the way home from luck.

Then.. he goes to the computer desk for something - maybe to cancel the credit cards, I don't know... and he pulls out the keyboard return and WALLAH!

There's his WALLET - just sitting there. **WHEW what a relief!*

Maybe "HE's" pregnant!?@#@! LOL sounds like something I've done with the car keys when I was expecting Nora... LOL

Again, I am so happy that he found it... not only do we not have to worry with it anymore, David is suddenly in such a BETTER MOOD now too! :D

oh what a day!

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