Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Guess what Nora and I did today??

While the twins took their afternoon nap, Nora and I picked Lemons! :) Our small lemon tree really did good this year! Just before Thanksgiving I picked 2-3 dozen off and took with us to Kentucky and gave to my dad.

Today we picked over 100! and to think last year we had less than a dozen the whole year.

and we had to quit with a couple dozen left on the tree... our box was overflowing. Good thing it was slick on the bottom - helped to pull/slide across the yard. I tried to carry the box then, reconsidered very quickly after seein how heavy it was.. :P

Did I mention these lemons are HUGE!?!?!?? Everything in Texas is bigger after all... ;)

Edited to Add: ===Yes, that is a Halloween T-shirt Nora is wearing. It lights up and has Tinker Bell on it ((her favorite)) and was warm today..... and yes that is what she choose to wear to school! Why not? She's only gonna be 4 once! ;)

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