Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our COLDEST day yet

Recently my friend Heidi and I started meeting on Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings to walk at a local park that has a mile long dirt path around it. We haven't' been at it long.. I think Monday was my 3rd or 4th time...

The first time I went I walked 2 laps and called it quits. Pushing the stroller gave my arms a work out too, as pushing it in the dirt felt a lot like being at the beach in some parts b/c it was so sandy...

and a time after that, we didn't meet to walk until the afternoon.. and Nora was with us and she wanted to hold on to the pocket of my sweatshirt the whole time - which felt a lot like someone dragging me down.. *urgh* but she never complained about walking and went as far as we did. ;)

Monday of this week, I went without the kids (BIG SMILE) and Heidi got there as I finished my 1st mile then she and I walked 4 more together... so I really started to feel the burn last time.

and today...? well today was different than any other.

Today I got there on time and was ready to go... but even after postponing our walking until 10am to give the sun more time to warm up -it was still FREEZING and the wind was SOOO COLD. 38* according to my van. Brrrrr!

I had both babies bundled up with footed PJ, sweat shirts, jeans and jackets to put on... but just in the short time it took me to unload the stroller, I changed my mind. There was just no way I could get them out in this... and risk getting them sick.

I'm always happy to get to visit and chat with Heidi as it's been what seems like forever since we see each other now that Jed and Nora are in different schools.. but it'll have to be another day. Thankfully her mom was keeping all her kids and today she was alone so she went on without us. :)

and before getting to far gone my cellphone rang and it was David. He was at Kroger buying food for work and needed me to come by... he had FORGOTTEN his wallet. So since the consignment shop I use is only a block form the grocery, after he was done he drove down there with me and sat with the kids while I went in to see if any of my stuff had sold.

So it was a win-win for the both of us! and look what I got to take to the bank :)

(photos at the top are of Olivia and Paul Thomas when I got home. So sweet!)

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JudyL said...

I don't blame you one bit. It's one thing to be out walking in the cold by yourself but with the babies . . you surely don't want them sick or uncomfortable.