Saturday, December 20, 2008


Guess WHO was the last to leave the kitchen last night?

Guess what I discovered this morning when I walked into the kitchen? The door left open all night! (pic is after clean out)

Guess who got to clean up the mess?

Guess how many times this SAME thing has happened this year?

Guess who JUST went to the grocery (only YESTERDAY) and bought 4 gallons of milk + various other dairy items?

Guess how much this is gonna cost?

Guess who better not evah do this again!?$#^?!

Some of you have already heard about David leaving the refrigerator door open.. or thinking he closed it but it swung open instead. *grrr* This is the THIRD time this has happened this year.. the first two were back to back! and I can't believe it but for one reason or another we were just talking about that... and then look what he up and did last night!?

It's bad enough that we lost everything due to loosing electricity THREE times during Hurricane season this fall... (Tropical Storm Edouard, Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike) along with another THREE times thanks to David's one last trip to the fridge before bed...

All I can say is - 2009 is around the corner and lets hope this was just a streak of bad luck for 2008...

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Howdy said...

Ouch that can hurt a bunch!

Not sure about yours but most makes of refrigerators have adjustable feet in the front that you can use to level it... mine tips ever so slightly back - just enough to help the doors close. Even if it's not tight at least you might not loose everything.

Since I had to buy a new one when we moved here - old one peed on the floor constantly - our new one has a 'door open' alarm.