Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh

Today, December 2nd is my nephew, Josh's 26th birthday. I was only 8 when he came along and most of my child hood memories are of growing up with him and his sister as they were at our home all the time. :)

I will share some flashbacks here below:

I can still remember talking to Josh when he was still in his momma's belly... and I remember the day he was born and how proud my brother was of his new SON which was a huge surprise to everyone...as all the nurses/and Dr. had been expecting a girl. ;) I forget the other name they had picked out...Myranda? Tabitha? something... and my mom said oh let me meet __(insert girl name) and my brother holding Josh, pulled him back and said, "NO, it's not a (girl name) it's a JOSHUA MORGAN!" :)
From the moment my family saw Josh, it was love at first sight as we welcomed him into our family...Gran and Grandy were the proudest Grandparents ever!
I remember the first time we went to your home to see you after your folks brought you home... and Brian sittin on the edge of the bed holding you and me beside him and Brian talking to you and asking silly questions.. and movin your head "yes" or "no" so funny...
I even remember your first Birthday in that tiny little house your parents first had... and that Ketchup RED carpet in the living room... I can't believe I remember that carpet b/c that room was SO FULL of people... your mom had a huge family and they were all there... even your Pa your namesake... anyway, someone gave you a drum and no matter where you were or what you were doing, you'd stop everything and bounce to the beat if someone played it. :)
I remember going to your T-ball games.. you were so cute dancing in the outfield! No one was cuter than you! ;) Your dark brown eyes and hair... so cute.

I remember our dance shows in basement at home - oh the fun we had singing along to all those songs.
I remember all the countless days of riding on the Spree - remember those racket ball goggle mask things we used to keep the bugs out of our eyes? Remember the "fire drills" we had... sorry about terrorising you and leavin you behind just for fun and making you cry... at the time it was funny to Danielle and me.... but not for you.... but really, I'm sorry now. If I saw a big kid do that to Nora, I think I'd have to beat them... can you forgive me??
I remember the time you peed the bed when we were all sleeping in my KING size water bed.. me, Danielle in the middle then you... and it rolled downhill and Danielle got all wet... and we had to change the bed at 2am. In your defence I think you were only 3 or 4 then.
Remember all those tomatoes you ate from Gran's Garden??? Dozens at a time!
I remember all of us playin in the tree house.. and swinging on the tire swing...oh and remember those stilts that Grandy made for us with tobacco sticks...
I remember your first girlfriend... Laura Hall - wonder what ever happened to her? That year Gran helped you plan your Valentines night... roses! and that huge double heart balloon! :) didn't she take you to the movies???
and speaking of movies, you were there during my first "real" date - I went with a guy to see Land Before time and YOU popped up... to spy on me... LOL
I remember the time you called 911 ....and the fire dept. showed up at your house!??!?! I guess I was the blame for that one b/c I gave you the idea. You were wanting me to come on the spree and get you at your house... and kept calling over and over... and i kept telling you NO that I couldn't leave b/c Gran wasn't home... then one time you called and said I had to come get you b/c your house was on fire... and I smarted off and said well if your house is really on fire, then don't call me call 911 and hung up on you... then just a moment or so later I heard the call come over the SCANNER! and thought OHMYGOODNESS!!!! sorry for that too.
I remember all the phone calls when I was away at Western... you kept in touch so good with me... and I was always so scared you'd get in trouble for all those long distant phone calls...
After I married, remember Spring Break Vacations in Georgia - going to the MASTERS - what was that crazy song we listened to the whole drive back from KY to GA in David's little S10 pickup truck... and David kept changing the words??? oh help me remember... something from USHER I believe...
and last but not least... the uuuooOUGGA! horn! didn't you get it on your car after I stopped driving the Beretta... and can you believe the Beretta stayed in the family all these years...between my brothers... and guess who has it now - Jade.

Josh I am so proud of the man you have grown up to be. :) You are such an important person in my life... I grew up with you... your more of a little brother to me than a nephew. I only wish I saw you more and my kids knew you better... I don't talk to you often enough these days, and don't get to tell you as much but I LOVE you!

Happy Birthday Josh! Juice! JuARSH as Momma Newt would say ;) Enjoy being 26...life is just getting started for you...again, I love you. ~bonnie

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