Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Malorie

Another Special Birthday today - to our neice Malorie who turns 11? Eleven? already?? no... why it seems as only last Christmas I got to visit her and hold her for the very first time on Christmas Day (the day she came home from the hospital)

She has grown up so fast... the photos that I am shareing with you today were taken when the kids and I evacuated to KY for hurricane Ike. Malorie's brother Lance had a pool party in September and although cold... the kidsn't didn't mind once they got warmed up. :)

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy BIRTH day dear Malorie...
Happy Birthday to you! :)

KY Cousins: Lance, Nora, Ethan & Malorie

Malorie was so helpful to Nora in the pool... She is so sweet, loving, and very patient with her.

and Nora felt every bit as "big" as Malorie by doing everyhing that Malorie did.

and this is a cute one I captured - Nora "SNEAKIN UP on Malorie" :P

Today when I told Nora it was her birthday on the calendar she asked if we got an invitation to her party... I tried my best to explain things, poor Nora didn't quite understand that we are located over 900 miles away from the party... :(

Happy Birthday Malorie! We love you and miss you!!!

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