Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Brian

Today is my brother Brian's Birthday. I'm not certain but i believe today is his 47th?? I think I remember correctly that he wasn't the "14 years of age" limit for going back to see new babies...

and can almost remember my mom telling it... that as a nurse spotted him in the halls headed back wearing his school jacket -she called out "NEWTON, How old are you?" and Brian promptly replied "14!" and never stopped walking. :)

Mom also told of him being the one who held me in the car for our ride home from the hospital :)

and I'm sorry I'm late on posting this - but it took me forevah to find a pic saved on the computer to show of Brian here with you all today... in my whole married life he's only been to my home a handful of times..

Once in '98 when we lived in GA, once since we've been in TX and just after mom died we lived in IN for a few months and he'd stop by often b/c we were just across the river from Louisville, KY where both of my brothers live.
These two photos were taken when we went home to KY this summer for 4th of July. It was the first time he met the twins. Barry, my oldest brother, and his wife Kathy came down to Dad's too while we were there visiting... and it was just their second time to see the twins too... so it took a while for the babies to warm up to them.

We also saw my brothers when we went home for Thanksgiving... but when they were there I was too busy chasing babies and didn't get any pics this time.

and before I close, there's one thing I almost forgot... ;) I love you Brian!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy BIRTH day dear Brain...
Happy Birthday to you!

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