Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Look Mom the grass has SNOW on the ground!

Well, not really... but for a 4 year old the frost covering the lawn early this morning sure looked like the real thing to her.. ;)

I took Nora to school this morning and after coming downstairs we went to the bench in the foyer to put on shoes and I noticed the frost out the dining room window and pointed it out to Nora.
Her eyes lit up and I immediately knew what she was thinking - she thought that it was snow... and the first thing she said was, "Look Mom, the grass has SNOW on the ground!"

followed by, an excited and loud, "Let's go outside and make snow angels!"

and as sorry as I was to disappoint her... I had to tell her "no" for many reasons... the main one being that - We have to leave RIGHT now to make it to school on time... :(

waaaah! why couldn't it FROST on a Saturday when we didn't have to go anywhere and could go out an explore...??? :(

The above photos I snapped real quick while waiting for her to buckle her seat belt... She is determined to do it all by herself these days and is a little slow but gets it done ;)
(talk about a total 180 from just a few months ago!))

and this last photo is what greeted me as I drove back home after taking her to school... the sun was already warming things up.

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